Monday, 17 January 2011

Fresh Eyes! By Nicky Cresswell

As keen crafters we always want our monies worth when it comes to stash, 
and finding alternative uses a great way to do this.
Take this Architecture 1 set of stamps for example, Your thinking, buildings, architecture etc etc etc.. 
And for a long time that was all i though too until the other day when i was flicking through my stamps and my eye caught one from a different angle and BAM it hit me... 
What i was seeing wasn't a fancy sconce but with my fresh eyes i saw 
An Owl
I can't believe i hadn't seen it before, but there he was bold as brass staring up at me.
I happened to have my stash of friendly plastic out so i immediately thought Pendant.
{this owl was dull gold FP brushed with different colours of mica powder paint over different areas}
{this owl was just a patterned FP with some black stazon rubbed over the raised areas}
I stamped the sconce {owl} into heated friendly plastic and then let it cool and harden.
Next i cut it out leaving a little edge as best a could.
To create the pendant i attached the owl to a bamboo domino tile and wrapped more friendly plastic on the back to incase the tile and hold everything in place. This is somewhat of a tricky method as you have to be careful not to over heat and melt the owl.
I used a thin black cord stung down, across and back up through the tile to hang.
You could add a charm or beads to the cord, which i thought of only after i had threaded and put clasp findings on lol. 
You could also make these into brooches or toppers for cards. 
Try using UTEE or clay even, your only limited by your imagination.
So what will you discover with 'fresh eyes' today!


Hels Sheridan said...

OMG Minxy... I made an ATC today... that has that very same "owl" on it!!! How crazy is that!!!! LOVE your necklace... tis GORGEOUS x

Minxy said... must of been picking up my vibes through skype today lol

Minxy said...

I mean yesterday.. forgot its past midnight lol

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You clever girl Minxy! xx

Daniele said...

nice one....great necklace

She said...

Oh Minxy these look fantastic, love them :-)S x

Artyjen said...

Fabulously creative :)
Great look Minxy
xoxo Sioux

Clare H said...

fab necklace! I would wear that for sure.

Billie said...

Brilliant, you made a superb job of that pendant.

Love the aged look.

Best wishes

Billie :)

Sid said...

Fab piece !!

Piddawinkle said...

I was right on your blog but would never have guessed you used a stylized sconce to do it, great work

Anonymous said...

wow thats clever...wish I could pick up on things like that.

Von said...

What an amazing piece Minky !!!
and you know what they say about great minds don't you Hels lol

TinaB said...