Friday, 19 February 2016

A whole village... by Titbelsoeur

Hi everyone, Titbelsoeur here showing you how to build a whole village and have it all gather into a sardine can. Would you believe it ?
You should.
Because it is possible !
Just follow my step-by-step :

First, you want to gather all of your gelli print leftovers and stamp your houses from Kat's creations

and cut them out

On the bottom of the can, just cut out another print and glue it on

and on the back, you may glue a map :

then you glue a piece of cardboard and glue your first two houses

and so on and so on, house, cardboard, house, cardboard... until your village is complete :

add some grass from the Gardening Garden #2 set :

Stamped and cut the text out, then glued it on the top

and houses on both sides

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To build this village, I was inspired by a Jessica Sporn's workshop



Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

This is Awesome, thank for step by step!

Sid said...

Great looking can !!

Coco said...

A fabulous project Tit', your houses can is totally adorable!!! :)
Bises! Coco xx

Mme PiNat said...

Whaouuuuuu ! As I told you on your blog, this is totally magical !! I love your can and all the fabulous houses :-) Great job !

Joi at RR said...

Just adorable! j.

Sara Barker said...

How sweet is this???!!! So inspiring!