Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Journal Bookmark by Gemma

Today I have a bookmark I made for my art journal, I will be doodling away, stop for some reason and then spend an age looking for the page I am working on. The bookmark is almost the full length of my largest journal so if I remember to use it, I should spend less time looking for a page and more time playing. 

I marked the length and shape of the bookmark using the wavy edge of an acrylic block. The base of the bookmark is the side of a cereal box. Once cut out, cover in a layer of tissue paper and gesso.

Blend red, orange and purple acrylics over the top, and dry completely. 

Spread some white acrylic paint over a craft mat, press your stamp into the paint and then stamp onto the card. This should give you a nice uneven image with lots of texture.

 Spread some pink and yellow paint on your mat, I mixed both of my colours with white so they were a little more opaque and stood out against the background. Then stamp the two largest circles from the set over the top. 

To finish I punched several holes in the top of the bookmark and threaded different ribbons through them and plaited them together.

Thank you for reading

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