Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Getting To Know... Jennie

Morning Peeps... today sees the start of a series of interviews with the team and we are starting with the Boss... Jennie. I asked everyone the same questions... so you will be able to find out a bit more about the Artistic Stamper team... So, without further ado...

AS: Introduce yourself, what are your interests, likes/dislikes etc?

I am Jennie, owner of The Stamp Connection, which manufactures Kling-On Repositionable Cushioning and The Artistic Stamper range of rubberstamps. Aswell as owning The Stamp Connection, I also have an online store, The Artistic Stamper. I have been crafting forever and love stamping, collage style work, drawing, sewing (a little known fact, I also have a Cup for this from school!) I cannot knit or crochet to save my life though! The main love of my life is jewellry making - but I have little or no time to do this anymore. My other life consists of my two gorgeous (of course they are) grown-up children, my hubby Mal and three cats. My favourite place in the World is sitting on a sun drenched beach with a pina colada in hand... what more could a girl want?

AS: What or Who inspires you?

I am always inspired by other artists, be they collage artists from the crafty world, or great artists like Monet, Manet and Van Gogh. I am a total aficianado of Impressionism and adore colour in all art. I will often blog hop these days rather than look through a book of art to get inspiration, or if I am in London, I try to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum for complete inspiration.
AS: How do you make a piece of art... what is the process?

Great question! Often it will be a new product - a mould, or inks, or of course, new stamps! As a general rule, I start with a base, a tag or a card, a canvas or these days, a large puzzle piece and then gather my stash that I want to put on it. Sometimes I have an idea in my head but they never ever come out like I envisage... and sometimes they are just plain awful and get consigned to the trash can! I almost always have a 3D piece or element in all my artwork and give me beads and wire and I will create. That is a challenge for anyone to take up with me LOL

AS: If your Mojo goes on holiday, what do you do?

My Mojo often goes on holiday, most days in fact - but I will never tell you that (ooops, just did!) I will grab one of our stamps, or maybe one of someone elses and go back to basics - or take out my Melt Pot and create a moulded piece to see if that will kick start the Mojo. If nothing happens and the piece of paper stays white, I will go and have a large Vodka and Tonic (sounds like I am an alcoholic!)

AS: What is your favourite technique?

Without a doubt it is using Alcohol Inks. Since I first discovered them several years ago - before Ranger brought out theirs - I have almost always used them when I am stuck for ideas. Next to that, the Melt Pot - a very big favourite of mine. Make it 3D - get out your Melt Pot!

AS: If you were on a desert island and could only take 5 items of stash with you, what would you take?

Well, I just couldn't.. could you? I would need a trunkful of stuff. I did try it once, going on holiday with just a few things and ended up shopping for stuff. But if you push me; a craft knife with a blade that never needed sharpening, a paintbrush with built in water, a bottomless bottle of glue, a rubber stamp that said HELP! and an inkpad that lasted forever! Now, what would you do with those 5 items?

So... there you have it folks, a few snippets about Jennie... I hope you have enjoyed reading this and seeing a few pieces of Jennie's art along the way. Many thanks to Jennie for agreeing to be grilled!


Hels x


Gerrie Johnnic said...

Oh Jen, I found out more about you today, how great. Luved the pieces you showcased today too! hugz from me to you!

Lucy Edmondson said...

That was great, love the art interspersed with it. I think you are the remarkable woman of Sid's posting,

Lucy x

Jennie said...

oh dear have just read this, and am laughing.. thank you Hels for grilling me...it was fun!

Joanne said...

This little excercise is fun. I can see a shopping trip myself - for some of those invisible incontinence pads!! LOL.
Luv Joanne xx