Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tissue Technique Tutorial by Lucy Edmondson

Hello again,

I hope you will find today's tutorial helpful. I use the tissue paper technique a lot in my crafting as it is a good way of working with awkward shaped or difficult to stamp on items. I use it mainly with canvas as it gives crisp images whilst still allowing the natural weave of the fabric to show through, but it is also great with papier mache items. You can use a variety of 'gluey' mediums: Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium, spray adhesive, decoupage glue, Mod Podge, gel medium, or even Klear floor polish! My favourite, which I will use here, is gel matte medium, as I like the matte finish. The main tip, and I will labour the point a bit in my step photos (!) is to use plenty, and spread it evenly, as this is what your tissue will sink into in order to become transparent. The other important point is to use StazOn to stamp on your tissue paper as the wetness of the 'glue' may cause some ink pads to run. However, you can use any colouring medium you wish for the canvas itself - inks, paints, sprays, etc. The colour needs to be vibrant at this stage, as the tissue will mute it a little.

If you haven't used tissue before, do persevere, as it is a great thing to have in your technique arsenal. For this particular project I have decorated a canvas covered sketch book, which would make a great gift as a crafting journal. These are the ingredients that I used:-

Birds of a Feather and Free as a Bird Stamps
Bird Song Elements Stamps
Music Script Stamp
Black StazOn Ink Pad and Colours
Gel Matte Medium by Claudine Hellmuth
Distress Inks or Other Colouring Medium
Tim Holtz Tissue Tape Symphony
Cut N Dry Foam and Nibs
Metal Corners

A5 Canvas Sketch book - I get mine from Tesco Extra for about £4.50. Any cheap white tissue paper.

1. Assemble everything you will need.

2. Cut a rectangle of tissue paper to fit the front of your book.

3. Open out the book so you don't get ink on the pages, ink up the canvas cover, using the Cut N Dry nibs to get behind the spiral binding.

4. It will look something like this, with quite strong colours.

5. Start to build up your design on the tissue paper, with the music script top left and bottom right, in Cactus Green StazOn, then the Bird Cages in Jet Black in opposing corners.Work with a piece of white scrap paper underneath to pick up any ink that soaks through so it doesn't transfer, and to make it easier to see your design.

6. Now add the small detailed bird to the large bird cage, the wording, and the larger bird as shown.

7. Fill in any gaps with sequin waste and StazOn in Teal Blue, dabbing lightly as it is a strong colour.

8. Apply plenty of Gel Matte Medium to the book cover.

9. Spread it evenly.

10. Place your tissue paper in position and pat down, pressing any wrinkles with your fingertips then use your heat gun briefly to further iron out wrinkles.

11. Add the music script tissue tape to the bottom.

12. Touch up any areas of white tissue paper (which is where there wasn't quite enough gel medium) using residual ink from your foam, in the relevant colour. Use this to blend the Tissue Tape in as well.

13. Dab a little Teal StazOn onto the metal corners, add these with strong glue, and to finish off, tie some co-ordinating fibres to the spiral rings.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial here, there are plenty more to come, so please do call back again soon.



Deanna Cosgrove said...

Way cool, gonna have to try that out!

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab Tut Lucy, loving those new stamps.. think I need to get me some LOL

ellen said...

WOW - this is fabulous Lucy! I love this technique and may have to break out my tissue paper! Haven't used it in a LONG LONG time! Thanks!

Daniele said...

great tutorial have used tissue paper for small bits n' pieces in the past but never a big piece like that, will have to give it a go

Wrightboysmum said...

Great tutorial. The cover is really nice.

Jennie said...

Great Tutorial Lucy, will be digging out my tissue paper to have a try :))

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for that. I have a book waiting for attention but the cover is not white. I think I may have to buy another because I can't see this working on something dark and I must have ago.
Luv Joanne xx

Helen said...

Lucy, thanks so much for this, it is a fab technique and one I can't wait to try out. Looking forward to your next tut already!

Sarah A said...

Gorgeous altered cover, not worked with tissue paper before but I will have to give it a try.

Sarah x

Zoechaos said...

Great tutorial thanks Lucy, will have to get some of the gel and have a play. xx Zoe

Esther said...

this is a great tutorial, I feel a shopping spree coming on to get me some supplies!!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Great tut, thanks for sharing, luv the journal!

Terry said...

Great tutorial! I have used tissue paper, but not in that way. Love how you did this page and will certainly try this! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kay Griffin said...

Great tutorial, thanks a lot for sharing :)

Von said...

Love your tut's lucy you make it seem so easy :)
Von x

Lori said...

Awesome tutorial, Lucy, and a great technique!

She said...

Hi Lucy, this is lovely. Thanks for the tutorial. S x

Rosie Rowe said...

Really well done! I loved the look of this page and thanks for sharing the technique. I've used it often, but never an entire page - very cool!! =)

Ali H said...

Thanks for sharing this ! I have some images stamped on tissue from where I was playing the other day but wimped out of using them as wasn't sure what to do !
If I wanted to colour some detail on them - could I use Promarkers or would these run in the gel medium ?
Will definately try this ! Ali x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Totally gorgeous and a fab tutorial.


Lucy Edmondson said...

Thank you so much for the comments. Just wanted to reply on a couple of things. Joanne, I think if you have a black canvas cover, I would try white gesso or white acylic paint, then proceed with the other steps. If it is black but isn't canvas I wouldn't bother with tissue paper, I would just use paper, either stamped or patterned. Ali H, I don't know whether pro markers would necessarily run with the gel medium but I think they would make the StazOn run. It is a very good question you have asked. I normally turn the tissue over and colour with coloured pencils. I would suggest a dry colouring medium as you don't want to get the tissue paper too wet until you place it on the gel medium, otherwise the point of the pen or whatever you use could tear it. I hope this helps and would love to see what you make!

Krisha said...

Lucy that is a great tutorial, and the work turned out awsome!

Lynn Stevens said...

great tutorial! Lovin those new stamps!

Heavenly Anarchist said...

Fab tutorial Lucy, very useful.

Sid said...

Great tute Lucy, very informative and doable !!

JeanFB said...

Love, love, love this project! Gorgeous colors, beautiful bird collage, and fabulous technique. I've only worked with tissue a little bit, but you've inspired me to do more. TFS! :)

wwilloww said...

Thanks for a fantastic tutorial!! It was very clear to understand and what a beautiful result!!!

Artyjen said...

Super cover...thanks for the tute :) It's been a while since I used some tissue paper on a project....must use the technique again soon
xoxo Sioux


This is really wow! x leihg x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant tute Lucy, very clear & easy to follow instructions! Your canvas book looks fabulous, love those new birdie stamps!
Alison xx