Sunday, 4 September 2011

Aslan Awaits by Sioux Jenneys

Hello fellow stampers Hi-Di-Hi!
I had so much fun making this journal page and I'd like to share it with you today :)

I'm unsure as to how to explain the making as it just sort of made itself up as I went along!
I'll try to do my best though ;)

1. I added gesso to the page before I started and when dry coloured the base page with blue and red neo colours.
I could not believe my luck when searching for a wardrobe image on-line, as this was so like the wardrobe from my childhood it's unreal!

2. I used the new large dotty open background in Archival sepia, without using an acrylic block, to catch sections of the design on various parts of the page. Then stamped the smallest dot from swirls, splats and dots in some of the circles in Distress faded jeans.

3. Stamped the word Imagine from jounaling words and outlined using a Sharpie pen...then.........and you are going to have to take my word for it ('cos it's not showing up very well on the page but adds to the overall background for me! LOL) I stamped the new follow your dreams from the same plate in Distress peeled paint as a second stamping in a couple of places too.

4. Placed the small leaves from Stitchels curly dot on my acrylic block and stamped around the edge of the page in Archival black and added some jounalling lines using the closed zip stamp.

5. I wanted to add to the dimensional feel of the wardrobe on the page and decided to make some bows out of tissue's on special offer this month here.

I first folded a length in half........sticky sides together and wound them round my fingers like this

Holding on to the middle pull the tape off your fingers...........please excuse the finger nails they are not in a very good state at the minute!!

Wrap some thin wire round the middle to hold in place and fancy cut the tails ;)

I did the same for the smaller bow at the bottom but cut the folded tape in half again for an even narrower width ;)

Stuck them on with silicone glue.

5. Made a ticket using a stamp on the ephemera 1 plate. And added the words Travel and Voyage on some edges.

6. Stamped the wings from crowning glory behind the wardrobe and the crown from the same plate on the top.....both using Archival.

7. Wrote some words that say

"In my dreams I am back in my mother and father's bedroom
(a place that was off limits unless invited)
looking up at the massive wardrobe that stood at an angle in the corner of the room.
How I longed to open the door and step climb inside.
To travel to a magical world.
To voyage to NARNIA."

Thanks for looking. See you again soon!
xoxo Sioux


Helen said...

Fab page, Sioux. I would have loved to go through the wardrobe to Narnia - although after seeing last night's Doctor Who, maybe not!!

Joanne said...

Crickey! I am sitting here amazed by the whole page - it's content and it's dream. Wonderful. That has set me up nicely for Heathers tag - daydreaming.
Hugs Joanne xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful complex page, so much detail!

Anesha said...

Wonderful page!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous arty page Sioux! Love it! xx