Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tea bags by Titbelsoeur

Hello happy stampers !
Have you seen these pictures on Pinterest that show painted tea bags ? they are amazing !
I love to use tea bags in my projects, and I have decided this time to stamp Artistic Stamper women on these, women from Seaside No. 1 # 018 A5Dressmaking No. 1 A5 and Gibson Girls

I am considering stitching them on a fabric book... tbc !

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Annie said...

These tea bag arts look so awesome! I wish I like drinking tea. I might have to make the tea then dump it just to get the used bags! LoL. But seriously.

Coco said...

A great collection of tea bags, really!!!!
Merci pour l'idée Tit, et ces tampons de femme sont vraiment magnifiques utilisés comme cela, et dans cette teinte d'encre. Bisous!
Coco xx

Jackie P Neal said...

These are beautiful! And what a very clever idea to stamp on the teabags! You have started up my mind with ideas for layouts with this! Thank you for the inspiration! xx

Sid said...

Loving these !