Sunday, 5 September 2010

Getting To Know... Hels

Morning Peeps... another interview with the Team... today it is my turn... so I am sitting with two hats on today, the first hat is the Jeremy Paxman styleee one *a serious interviewer hat* and the other one is my own air brain hat LOL So, without further ado... Here's my Q &A :O))

AS Introduce yourself, what are your interests, likes/dislikes etc?
My name is Hels Sheridan and I am married to Grim and we have a furbaby, AlfieCat, who wraps us around his little paw. I used to be a Train Driver but was medically retired nearly two years ago after a bad car accident left me with a serious back injury. Since then I have been trying to cope with the changes in my life and thank heavens I do crafting - it has kept me sane! My interests are varied... I love anything crafty, vintage, distressed and slightly battered about. I love to read - always having my nose in a book when I was a kid has kind of moved into adulthood and I will read anything... so long as it isn't horror - I am a big scaredy cat and can't watch horror films either LOL I love nature and flowers and used to do a lot of gardening but the old war wound stops me doing as much as I would like. My favourite food is chinese and I hate peppers... come near me with one and I will literally run a mile, the smell, look and taste of them... yak!

AS What or Who inspires you?

Oooh, that is an easy one... there are so many people that have inspired me over the years but the two who make me want to go and make something are... *you will never guess this one ROFL* Tim Holtz and Wendy Vecchi. I love Tim's unique style, his ideas, his products... and Wendy, well I just love her style... and her stamps LOL Thing is, I could start a list now of talented crafters and still be here in three hours, tapping away and adding names... I guess I find a lot of inspiration from just hopping around blogs and seeing other peoples work.

AS How do you make a piece of art... what is the process?

Ah, now that one is difficult... I am a bit of a perfectionist and I usually start off with a blank piece of paper and sit in my Room of Stash and look at stash I have... and then sketch out how I want the finished piece to look. If the stamping is wonky it either goes in the bin or I try and cover it up with something. I very rarely just sit and play and make stuff... I find that I get fuddled and nothing works... so if I am making something and it doesn't turn out how I wanted it to... in the bin it goes!

AS If your Mojo goes on holiday, what do you do?

Erm... this happens every so often and I get really miffed because it is like I can feel an idea on the tip of my tongue, yet it is locked away... so I generally have a tidy up and put stuff away, then I look through my stash and if I am really bad, I will look at magazines for idea's.

AS What is your favourite technique?

Cor, it is hard to just pick one out... I love using Distress Inks and splooshing them with water... I love using my Melt Pot and making a mess with UTEE and Beeswax... oh and I love distressing stuff so it looks older than it really is... I can't answer with just one technique... how bad is that when I wrote the questions! ROFL

AS If you were on a Desert Island and you could only take 5 items of stash with you, what would you take?

First of all, I am classing "items" to be anything... so I would take Tim Holtz and Wendy Vecchi, Ranger Industries, Advantus Corp and Stampers Anonymous... SORTED! Five things... and I would have a never ending supply of stash I love... and if I lost the old Mojo, I could have a class with Tim and Wendy LOL

So, there you have it, a peek inside my addled brain... hope you enjoyed the interview and thanks for looking!

Hels x


ellen said...

Nice to meet ya, hon... haha... seriously, nice interview! Really gives a sense of your fabulous-ness! Or is it fabulosity? fabulicious? take your pic.... you're "fab"!! Hugs, Els. xx

Heather x said...

No fair Hels! You can't take the craft industries on a desert island what would the rest of us do without them :)
Great interview babe :)
*hugs* Heather x

Jennie said...

lol... great interview.. not sure abou the interviewing your self bit though.isn't that cheating? rofl

Lynn Stevens said...

Great interview Hels. I even learned a few new things about you.
Nothing scary huh? and I didn't know that you used to drive a Train. Wow thats pretty cool! Did you get to pull that big old whistle too?
hugs Lynn

Helen said...

So nice to meet you, Hels! Didn't realise it was a car crash that meant you had to stop train driving, nasty! Still BR (or whatever they call themselves) BR's loss is OUR gain. and I agree, you can't take those 'items' to a desert island, we need them too.

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is such a terrific interview! I wish I was funny - I am funny in a being a pratt way but it doesn't translate to paper! Nice to learn more about you, but I think if you take Tim with you, you shouldn't leave Grim behind!

Lucy x

Shazza said...

ha, ha, ha Hels, love your 5 THINGS!!! As you know I love your work, all great pieces x

Janeyc49 said...

Hi Hels, great interview rofl. Sorry to hear you had to give up the train driving. Your artwork has always been inspirational - and I do have quite a few pieces from swaps we have done :) Love your work - keep on crafting girl . :)

Joanne said...

Can I have the contents of your bin?
Luv Joanne xx

Kate said...

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you", haha that sounds more than a little bit stalkerish, lol. Great interview and there was me thinking your desert island items would be 5 tubs of trad tan!

** Kate **

Sid said...

Well never knew that !!!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

You are one special LADY, but you know that already! luv ya' GF

Anonymous said...

Great self-interview hels! last bit made me lol!! xx

June said...

Lol a wonderful interview with great answers .... i am so with you on the five things hehehe !! good one
hugs June xxxx

MayJay said...

This is my first visit to the site as I am not great at blogging, but I am so glad I found it and just loved your interview and your beautiful work. I like all the same things as you do. If you got Tim Holtz on a desert island you'd soon be rescued, lol.We would all miss him way too much to leave him there.
Hugs, May.