Monday, 8 October 2012

Home by Titbelsoeur

Coucou les copines !

I tried to find a song that would fit with my project, this one by Jack Johnson looked wistful enough ;-)

I gotta get home there's a garden to tend
There's fruit on the ground 

and the birds have all moved back into my attic, 
whistling static
When the young learn to fly I will patch all the holes up again...

keep it in my records for a next project about gardening... if any !
To make this project, I have used a A4 sheet of drawing paper, some printed pictures, book pages and various pieces of fabric, lace and ribbons.

I have stamped HOUSES on a piece of fabric that I have glued on the back of the 4 sides to make a cover. Then I decorated it with lace and ribbons, a tag and some home made paper beads.

I have covered the front with book pages and colored them with various Distress inks on a pad through stencils. I then stamped some arch doors  and glued cropped images. Roofs are drawn with a black pen.

Thanks for reading to the end, I hope you enjoy my project,
 I am looking forward to reading your comments ! 
A tout bientôt !


Redanne said...

What a wonderful piece! I love how you have stamped onto fabric and your handmade beads are stunning. A really unusual but beautiful piece.

Astrid Maclean said...

Such an interesting project! At first I thought it was a 3D house, but now I see it is actually a little accordion book. Great idea!

die amelie said...

This is really artistic and inspired artwork!! Love it!!!

Greetings from Vienna,
die amelie x

Reiko said...

Lovely, lively and funny, loooove it!!

Janny Jager 't Hooft said...

Wowwww this lookes great
Love it.

Greetings Janny

craftytrog said...

This is wonderful! I love it! xx

Artyjen said...

So detailed, love all the elements :)
xoxo Sioux