Sunday, 13 August 2017

Pop Up Posie by Lesley

Hi Everyone,

Todays project is creating this lovely 3D pop-up jar of flowers, that will fold flat for posting.

Items used are :
Double sided patterned paper card stock for the jars
Double sided coloured card stock for the flowers and leaves
Artistic Stamper stamps -  Flower Power and Inspiration Jars
Black embossing ink and powder

1. Stamp and emboss 4 jars onto the coloured cardstock leaving space to add a tab on one side of each jar before cutting out.

3.  Cut out all 4 jars remembering to include the added tab on the right side of each jar. Using double sided tape/glue on the tabs attach each jar to the next . I find its easiest to lay them flat and fold the creases before attaching the final 2 jars to make the 3D shape.

4. Using the same patterned cardstock cut 3 strips the width of the jar allowing  0.5cm flap on each end and fold the flaps in. Attach the strips inside the jar at the top. This makes a fixing point for the flowers, stems and leaves. Its fiddly to do and I find quick grab wet glue the best for this job.

5. Stamp and emboss flowers and leaves from the plain coloured card. You will need 7 flower heads,  you can mix 'n' match the sizes and colours to suit yourself. Cut strips of the green card to make stems(I doubled up the card stock for extra strength). Attach the flowers and leaves to the stems.

6. Attach the stems to the 3 strips inside the jars, again wet glue is easiest and I fasten with a paper clip until dry to stop them moving. Vary the heights to create an arrangement and embellish as you like, I've added coloured twine to the top of the jar. The Jar will fold flat to enable you to place in an envelope.

Have fun, hope you enjoy making this effective card...let your creative inspiration loose!


Myoriah L said...

I love this. Thanks so much for the great photo tutorial on how you created it.

Lesley Mackenzie said...

Glad you like was a fun project