Sunday 16 March 2014

****Creative Team Callout****

 The Artistic Stamper is looking for YOU!!!
We are looking for new Creative Team members 
 Have you got the stamping bug? Have you got creative tendencies that are not being fulfilled? Have you got time? We are looking for you to join us on our travels around the wonderful world of The Artistic Stamper! . You will have the opportunity to create gorgeous artwork and showcase it amongst our talented Creative Design Team.
We would like you to have your own blog, and have the time to create at least 2 pieces of artwork a month.

If you are that person, then contact us by email, and show us your ART!
The Creative Team call out ends on April 2nd, and we will contact you after that date.

 We are looking forward to finding you!
Jennie, Alison, Astrid, Alison and Tit 


Claudia N. said...

Good luck! :)
Claudia x

Caroline said...

Ugh, SO WISH I had a blog! Also the required talent would be good too :)
Gd luck to those who apply! :)

Unknown said...

Erm! Just reactivated my blog (well, blogged for the first time in 3 months!!) I needed a kick up the proverbial!! And this was it! Would love to be considered for this! Good luck everyone xxx

steffi said...

Ooh well - gonna give it a go - nothing to lose I guess :0D

Good luck to everyone!!

steffi said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

I would love to.I have four blogs lol all active all the time..where and what do I need to submit to you?my email is
susan s

Kathryn said...

I've took the plunge ....... Carpe Diem and all that ;) xx good luck all xx

lafée said...

bonne chance a tous..........

Unknown said...

I have my On my way! blog and would love (above all other teams-shhh lol) to be a part of your team. You always produce such inspirational pieces and have a great shop. Your work is always top notch, and why not go for the best???!!! Please tell me what I need to submit. I'll do it today. Please contact me @ or Preferably at the 1st one. Thank you in advance. Leigh Pogue