Friday 13 October 2017

Gentleman Jim - by Lesley Mackenzie

Hi all,

This months theme of 'SteamPunk' was a real challenge for me as this is not my preferred style. However once I got going I had great fun and will be doing more!
I decided to up-cycle an old CD gift box to create a man's gift box. 

The materials used:
Artistic Stamper stamps - Time and Keys and Ornate Flourish #3
Artistic Stamper stencils - Harlequin 3" x 3"
Number stencil - designer unknown
Pebeo Studio Acrylics 356 Violet Blue
DecoArt Spun Gold acrylic
DecoArt Black Gesso
DecoArt Crackle Glaze
Black StazOn ink
Black Embossing powder
Black and White Posca pens
Magazine image of man in a suit

Step 1 .
 I gave the box lid 2 coats of black gesso and then I stencilled the lid using the Violet Blue and Gold acrylics. As the box base was already gold I did not have to paint it.  When the lid was dry I gave it a coat of crackle glaze and left if to dry naturally. Once dry I painted with gold acrylic and while still wet wiped it back using a baby wipe so the gold filled the crackles only.

Step 2
  Next  I created 'Gentleman Jim'. For his body I used an image cut from a mail order catalogue and promptly cut his head off! I then  applied a coat of crackle glaze and left to dry. For the head
I stamped the smaller clock face using black StazOn. and painted the clockface with diluted silver paint, once dry I applied a coat of crackle glaze and left to dry.  For the wings I stamped a pair of the flourishes, painted with diluted gold and a coat of crackle glaze. I hand cut a top hat which I embossed black.

Step 3
Once the crackle glaze was dry I highlighted the crackle by applying and  wiping back black paint for the head and wings, and gold paint on the body. Next I glued all the elements on a piece of 150g card stock and cut out the completed image that a edged in black pen. It was then easier to glue the one image to  the box lid. To make the image pop against the dark background I outlined in white Posca pen .  I added a small clock embellishment and a band of ribbon to his hat, and a  little stamping on the background in gold for a final flourish.

I hope you enjoyed this project and if like me are new to the 'Steam Punk' style why not give it a go, it's great fun.


Unknown said...

Love it! X

Corrie Herriman said...

This is great... you wouldn't think that it wasn't your thing !
Corrie x

Jackie PN said...

WOW This is so cool!! I love the added embellishment and the way you brought your whole design together! Excellent!
Jackie xx