Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Roses are Red Stencil Folder by Lesley

Hello everyone, are you an avid on-line shopper like me? I really hate to waste the cardboard packaging and have decided I need to recycle more, no not in the recycle bin but try to re-use what I can. Why buy folders when you can alter one.

Artistic Stamper Stamps used:
Decay Journal Plate #1
Ivy by Lesley Matthewson
Mini Backgrounds #1 and #2
Calligraphic Mat #4

Other Materials Used:
Red and Gold Acrylic Paint
Recycled card envelope packaging
White Gesso
Black embossing ink
Gold embossing ink
Black and Gold embossing powders

Step 1
I have re-used an A4 sized cardboard envelope I received in the post to make the stencil folder. The envelope opening was on the longest side so I stuck down the envelope flap on the inside, and cut a notched section on the other side to make it easier to access and remove the stencils. 

Step 2
I gave the envelope a quick coat of gesso on both sides taking the gesso about 2" deep inside the opening as this will show . The gesso provides a good base for the acrylic paints, it doesn't have to be perfect as there are more layers to come.

Step 3

Using a roller to spread the paint  I covered the envelope on both sides with layers of gold and red, as you can see white space is still showing through, the more patchy the colours the better. If you haven't got a roller try scraping paint on using and old credit or gift card.

Step 4
Using the roller  I spread white gesso on a gelli plate (or craft mat) , I could then tap the ivy, text and Decay Journal stamps into the white paint and stamp randomly over the folder. It is very important to take time to wash your stamps immediately after use to remove the paint before it dries, otherwise they could get damaged. 

Step 5
I then stamped and embossed in gold and black to add contrast.

To finish off I added stick-on cardboard letters from my stash to the front.

Finally my stencil folder was complete and ready to be filled.

A fun and easy project that is great for decorating manila folders, box files,  recycled boxes, envelopes, packaging etc.  Why not co-ordinate all your office/craft folders. Go on give it a try, have fun!


Lesleym said...

Great idea Lesley x

Crafting Queen said...

Wonderful background!!!

Jane France said...

Totally with you on the recycling Lesley.. I love it when I use up some of my cardboard mountain.. lol. Fabulous stencils folder, love it. X

Lesley Mackenzie said...

Thank you

Lesley Mackenzie said...

Glad you like it thank you

Lesley Mackenzie said...

Have fun, I can’t stop making them, I recently upcycled washing powder boxes to make storage for my printed papers lol