Monday, 9 March 2020

Secrets by Jane

Hi there Artistic Stamper Fans. For this months " Steampunk" challenge I have made a little book, titled Secrets!!...not that I am gonna put my deepest darkest secrets in this book, but I will fill it with nice secrets, probably relating to my Grandchildren and the enormous amount of love I have for them, then hopefully when I have left this mortal coil, they will find it and read it...not that they dont already know how much I love them, jack, who is six, told me last week that he is fed up of me telling him how much I love him and how gorgeous he!!...Billy is only two, so he is lovin telling me he loves me, and me likewise!!

The Artistic Stamper stamps used:
secrets word from nudes

Hope you will join in the STEAMPUNK challenge

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