Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bamboo Bling! By Nicky Cresswell

Hello my lovelies I'm back.. Did you miss me??
Wow september is just whizzing by isn't it.. soon be christmas!!!
So with that in mind i though i'd share an easy little gift idea... All you need are 5 bamboo tiles, some mica power paints, some glossy accents, a fun selection of stamps.. for this project i used the smallest birds from the 2 new birdie plates Birds of A Feather & Free as A Bird . 10 pretty beads {i've used round swarovski crystals} and 2 lengths of thin clear elastic.
Start by colouring your tiles with the mica paints.. {the mica comes in powder form but can be mixed with water to create lush glimmery paints} I have chosen to work with a rainbow colour scheme to fit in with this months 'RAINBOW' challenge of which details can be found HERE 
Once your painted tiles are dry, stamp you selected images how you wish.
I used black stazon ink, and i highlighted with an inkssential white pen.
Before you proceed make sure your inked images and the white highlighting is completely dry.
Right so now all your tiles are bone dry.. you can give each one a protective coat of glossy accents, I have only given a coat to the fronts of the tiles where i stamped. {the back side i just rubbed/buffed the excess paint off so just a hint of colour was left} But you can coat this side too if you wish.
All thats left to do once your glossy accents is dry is to thread all your tiles together.
Add a spacer bead between each tile as you thread the elastic through and once you have both ends tie tightly.. left over right - right over left knot {i'm sure there is a tec name for that knot but i don't know it lol}
{a good tip when using elastic is to stretch it first, this stops it from becoming all loose later on}

And there you have it, A nice hand crafted gift for family or friends.
Before i go i just have time to announce the winners of my ATC giveaway draw..
{Winners selected by random.org} 
Steampunk ATC goes to 9. Piddawinkle
1st Punk ATC goes to 15. Shazza
2nd Punk ATC goes to 18. Sid
Thank you to everyone who entered and took time to leave comments, they truly are appreciated xx
Can the winners please mail me there snail mails {my e'mail can be found on MY BLOG}
Right thats your lot from me today 
But do come back again tomorrow as we have a brand new creative team member joining us...


Julia Dunnit said...

Gorgeous work here Minxy - you make it sound as if I could do it...love the idea.

crafty creations said...

Stunning piece Nicki and one I'd like to try thanks for the "How Too" x Hilda

Anonymous said...

Cool bamboo jewellery Nicky! Congrats to your ATC winners! xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

I absolutely love it, Minxy! Love the colours and your choice of stamps. I do think art you can wear is the best!

Lucy x

Sid said...

Fab bangle, great looking love the rainbow theme......thanks also for the ATC ! I have emailed you !

Jennie said...

Lovely piece :))) and congrats to the winners

Piddawinkle said...

woo hoo my first ever win in blogland, thanks Minxy, will email you my details, yee ha Im so excited, oh and your bracleet is blinging :) :) :)

Gerrie Johnnic said...

How cute is that in those colors!