Saturday, 29 January 2011

Getting To Know... Sioux Jenneys

Morning! Time for another "Getting To Know" the team interview, this time with Sioux... I have added a few pics of Sioux's work for you to drool over!

AS Introduce yourself, please tell us about yourself, your interests, likes/dislikes etc.
Hi! My given name is Susan Jenneys but I’m better known as my blog title Artyjen or just plain Sioux! I work in PA/accounts for a major fishing vessel owner in the beautiful port of Brixham in Devon. Making things of any sort has been a lifelong pleasure and I’ve dabbled in dressmaking, x-stitch, quilting, jewellery making, Fimo art and glass engraving before paper crafting took hold and then I discovered stamping and I had the thrill of a lifetime when I was chosen as Craft Stamper Magazine “Stamper of the Year” in November 2009. I love (in no particular order) classical music, travel, architecture, Van Gogh, cats, messing about on the computer, gardening (when my back lets me) and....erm....Richard Arimitage! LOL If I’m not creating something, I’m thinking about creating something and I hope my art journey will continue forever I hate pretentiousness especially in art and I dislike blue/rare steak!!I’ve recently been widowed.......but that’s a whole different ongoing journey.
AS What or who inspires you?
It seems that anything and everyone in life is inspiring but T!m Holtz really lit the flame when I bought his first DVD and started reading his blog back in 2007. His designs are just the sort of thing I would wish to draw myself if I could. Amongst other things that inspire me are books, films, music, the great outdoors, magazines and fashion design.

AS How do you make a piece of art..what is the process?
My brain gives me a vision (pity it never conjures up the winning lottery numbers HOL) and somehow I have to get close to it using the stamps I have....sometimes I just don’t have the stamps, so a bit of digital work will creep in to the mix. I seem do spend hours just pondering a piece but once I start I keep going with the flow....this sometimes means that I end up with something completely different to my starting point....nothing is ever dumped in the bin though..well, very rarely...I’ll just keep at it and end up with something I like in the end!

AS If your Mojo goes on holiday, what do you do?
Pack my bags and take off with him ‘cos no one is going on holiday without me!! LOL

AS What is your favourite technique?
Mmmm? Not sure on that one...I just love each technique I’m using at the time!! The simple answer would be stamping and layering images...I like to see images together that might not necessarily have been intended that way....I find that bit exciting (sad person that I am)!
AS If you were on a desert island and could only have 5 items of stash with you, what would you take?
OMG! Only 5!! I have oodles of stash....don’t you know I need it all?!! HOL
This is a tough question....erm...
My box of T!m Holtz stuff (It’s one box so it’s one item...right?)
Distress Ink (s)!
Loads of rubber!!
And erm.......Richard Armitage?!

So a very big thank you to Sioux for giving us a little insight into what makes her tick... I am seeing a recurring theme of Richard Armitage through this interview so... especially for Sioux (and you if you like Mr A... I do... a bit... ok, a lot LOL) Here is a piccie of the very man!

Hels x


Jennie said...

great interview, and err I also like Richard Armitage :)) lol

Neil said...

Nice to hear a bit more about you as I enjoy your art. Sorry though, never heard of Richard Armitage.... But the photo is great.

Artyjen said...

Ooh! I've gone all weak at the knees...sigh....thanks Hels for adding such a fabby pic of RA.
Hope you like the little insite into little old me! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Helen said...

Well, anyone who drools over Richard Armitage is fine in my book! Great to know a bit more about Sioux.

Joanne said...

I KNOW how much you like RA. A joint feeling amongst many (including me) I think. Perhaps I may add, that you are a warm, friendly, extremely talented lady that anyone who is lucky to meet will admire from the word 'go'.

Sid said...

Thanks for the introduction, some lovely artwork there !!

Piddawinkle said...

mmmhhhh he is nice, or should i say very tasty. Love your work cant wait to see more.. :)