Sunday, 8 July 2012

A summer book by Titbelsoeur

Coucou les amies,

Today I want to show you a(nother) summer book... yes, I have made 2... Don't know yet how I will manage both without any schizophrenia, but... let's wait and see... the tutorial was so nice, that I couldn't resist !
I used 5 scrapbooking sheets that were still remaining in my cabinet (ugly, then)... let me tell you : you fold in 2 on one side and in 4 on the other side. Then you cut the fold of 2 on 3 from the 4 lengths (hey, still here ?) and fold side to side the 4th length, then you make an accordion with both sides... uh... something like that... anyway, once folded and stuck together, here is how it looks like :
Now I just have to collect a lot of papers, sheets, tickets, etc... to hide the ugly paper !

I have made the cover so that every one knows this is a SUMMER BOOK !
I will show it to you when it is done... don't actually know how it will look like, but that's the funny thing !

I have used the same technique as for the previous one : wallpaper, gesso, acrylic paint and the so relevant Seaside stamps !!!

I hope you like my project,
thanks for stopping by, 
I am looking forward to reading your comments! 
A la prochaine !


Zuzu's Blog said...

LOL .. you do make me giggle Tit... it is DEFINITELY a summer book. although I dont think I know how you folded it.. i fell asleep ;)

great project.

Zuzu's Blog said...

vous faites des fou rire me Tit ... il est certainement un livre d'été. bien que je ne pense pas que je sais comment vous l'avez plié .. Je me suis endormi

Sid said...

Fab book love the decoration !!

Alie said...

This looks great!

greetings, Alie :-)

Mme PiNat said...

Bon, c'est remoi....alors tu vas rire, mais j'ai mieux compris en anglais qu'en français....bon, j'm'en vais ok....Bisous

Dominike said...

I have tried it. Easy! I like your summer book...

Astrid Maclean said...

This is wonderful and it looks so summery! Wished my French was as good as Zuzu's but I am hopeless...LOVE your book even though I can't say it in French:0(

Janny Jager 't Hooft said...

This lokes great.
Looking forward to see how it looks when it is finished

Greetings Janny

Reiko said...

Superbe ta couverture!!J'aime!!!!!!!

Emma said...

A wonderful book...a very, very clever piece!! I love it..
Emma xx