Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Canvas Board by Gemma

Hello Everyone

I had fun creating this piece,  but it was a lesson in remembering to know and understand the materials you are working with and that you can not just force materials to behave in ways they are not meant to. 

I used a canvas board as the base of my piece and put down some Festive Berries and Seedless Preserves Distress Crayons. After blending them together with my fingers I placed the Random Dots mask over the top and wiped some of the crayon away with a bay wipe.

Using the same mask I added more colour, and then I stamped over the whole board with a Calligraphy mat and archival ink. Over the top I painted the image I wanted with drawing gum. This is a fun product to play with. It acts as a barrier when dry so that you can paint over the top and then rub the gum away so you can see whats underneath. 

Using the gum and not thinking about the materials I had used is what caused me issues, When it was time to rub the drawing gum away I was left with a much paler background coming through. The fact that I had added more wet materials over the top and because there was movement, a lot of the Distress crayon had come away.  I still love the way it looks (which is why I posted it), but the end result was not the one intended. 

I finished by adding some white dots around the outside edge to form a frame, and the word Create from the Word Mask.

Thank you for reading

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