Tuesday, 26 December 2017

My favourite 3 creations for 2017 by Titbelsoeur

 Hi everyone its that time of year again where I share
my top three for the 5th year. Yes, 5 years have passed and I am still very happy to be here with you !
 I hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as I did making them.
It was not that easy to choose my favourites, anyway here they are !
So to start with we have 

I love to alter books one way or another, and I have been very happy to get back to this Christmas decoration. I had once made one for The Artistic Stamper, inspired by my teamie Astrid here : Titbelsoeur's 2013 Artistic Stamper highlights

Second, this was a great pleasure to be featured by the Craft Stamper magazine, thanks to Super-Jennie :

Et au final, se la péter !

You know that altering sardine cans is one of my favourite activities, and it was a double fierce that my can be featured, and decorated with the Mushrooms A5 Plate © Tit Belsoeur stamps I designed for The Artistic Stamper !

And third, I had to make a difficult choice between my love of using tea bags, my experiment in making Galaxy  or minimalist cards, and my new field of experiments : vinyl LPs !

You will find all my posts here : TitbelsoeurI hope you have all enjoyed reading these 
as much as I have creating them for you.
I do hope that over the last year my work has inspired you in some small way.
A very Happy New Year from me
again, I have been so pleased to spend this year with you, and I hope there will be many others like it ! 

Enjoy this year-end time, have a lot of fun and celebrate !

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