Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Fabric Of Time! by Nicky Cresswell

Morning peeps
Today I have a fun little project for you to try..
All your gonna need is some plain fabric, 
An assortment of watch face and gear stamps from the tick tock plate 
some archival ink pads {I used black and plum}
and a good pair of scissors {like Tim's}
{you will also need a needle and thread, I used wax linen thread but you can use anything, oh and a packet of Tim's accoutrements}
 Start by stamping your choosen fabric with a selection of the gears and watch faces
 Next cut them out
 Then your gonna want to pick some accoutrements that have this sort of backing to them, Mine are from the accoutrements fanciful set
Now your going to need to thread them in ascending order, largest at the bottom working your way up to the smallest.
Once your needle reaches the top, thread one of the accoutrements on, then go back down through the stack and tie tightly at the bottom.
And there you have it,  A fast fun fabric adornment you can add to a bag, apron, top or just wear as a brooch.

To make it so they weren't so flat
I tied a small piece of thread in-between each layer.

So what ya waiting for, 
Get out your supplies and have some fun.
Stay Inky


Sid said...

Interesting little fabric project !!

Jane Wetzel said...

Ohhhh...I love this! tfs!

Astrid Maclean said...

Great idea, love it!

Jingle said...

Absolutely love it!

Terry said...

Fun project and great use of fabric! I have a ton hanging around!

Sam said...

Very cute! Love it!!

Angie said...

What a great effect the string idea