Monday, 28 January 2019

Daisy by Siobhan Brignull

So my Daisy layout is inspired by a video I saw by Tracy Scott at Creativation 2019.

I loved the simplicity of it and decided to recreate as a journal page, with some extra bits thrown in.

finger painting a la Tracy 


I then added these steps to add some more depth as I was doing a journal page not a card.
I used archival ink and two of Tracy's background stamps from The Artistic Stamper and then some background stamps from The Artisitic Stamper, Floral Open Background and Mini Background No 3.


base coat and some infusions


The finished flowers, surprising simple to do, as long as you can remember which way you had the stencil, as you added each layer.

So there we go my Daisy Journal page inspired by the fabulous Tracy Scott.

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Jane France said...

I love Tracey Scott, and I adore your take on her work, beautiful vibrant flowers against the fabulous background. Gorgeous Siobhan. X