Friday 22 November 2013

Titbelsoeur's nativity scene

Salut les gens !

I did it again ! I am afraid I am in a "folding book" phase... Doctor, will I live?

I have used a pocket book (10x18 size) I glued on a larger piece of cardboard.

 And I glued multiple things on it such as pinecones, cinnamon sticks, cupcake molds, poststamps, ribbons... and the nativity scene people.

I then added some Norman Rockwell's Christmas images, and... stamps, of course !

from the Christmas Greetings  # 1 plate :

and from the Christmas Greetings  # 2 one :

My nativity people are epiphany cake charms.

I hope you like my project and will read your comments with great pleasure !
See you !


Helen said...

This looks amazing, I must have a go at one of these! (I say this every time I see one... maybe now I will do one!)

Dominike said...

Simplement : SUPER. Kisses

Astrid Maclean said...

I love these kind of books and yours is stunning! I had to laugh at your pine apples though, in English they are called pine cones.... A pineapple is "ananas" in French I think, they would smell lovely of course but might just get a bit mouldy and smelly after a while :o)

Artyjen said...

Love that! Looks so fabulously Christmasy ;)
xoxo Sioux

Zuzu's Blog said...

I adore this one... Bravo.... "pinecones" and all ;)

craftytrog said...

It's so magical & amazing Tit! I love it!
Alison xxx

Evelyn Walter said...

What a great idea! It looks very fabulous and different to all common nativity scenes - love it! xoxo Evelyn

Mary Elizabeth said...

This is incredible. I love the details and how the book pages forms such a wonderful background for the nativity. What a Merry Christmas it is :) -- Mary Elizabeth

Kay said...

Amazing!! alot of beautiful work :-)

The Sparkly Fairy said...


Words and Pictures said...

Oh, oh, oh - what a complete and utter joy - this is simply brilliant!
Alison xx