Friday, 22 January 2016

Ohh!! I Do Love a Dragon fly By Dee

Hi Everyone I hope you are all well I have the beautiful Dragon fly
from the Butterflies #2 size A5 plate.
I started out with a cream tag that has some crackle paint on it in places.
Next I used the Calligraphic Mat 12 
 I swiped it through mat sealer and stamped onto the tag.
I then spritzed the distress paint with water then swiped the tag
 through the paint. Knock back the area's that had the script stamp 
stamped on it.
Next I took a square beer mat and cut the Tag up and assembled it to 
Crackle paste was put round the edges of the mat then antiquing cream
in black and patina were applied once paste was dried.
Iridescent turquoise paint was.
For the dragon fly I used pewter embossing powder and ultra thick embossing
powder followed by silver.
I stamped the dragon fly twice into the hot embossing powder.
I cut it out and then trimmed the top one back.
I threaded the beads with wire to make the main body and the antennae.
The base was coloured with the alcohol ink.
A close up of the dragon fly 

Well that's it for today I hope you all enjoyed my post 
please feel free to let me know what you think.
Cheers Dee x

Products Used
Alcohol inkCrackle Paste, embossing powder, Iridescent turquoise paint.


Pawsitively Creative said...

Holy moly Dee! This is spectacular and gorgeous! Wowzers! So much detail and the cor is fantabulous! Love the use of the EP and UTEE and stamping the dragonfly. Stunning!!! ~Niki

Ava Gavloski said...

outstanding, give this designer a raise and bonus!!!

toni said...

Amazing ! Fabulous colour and texture and that dragonfly is genius ! X

Julie Wilson said...

This is very clever and beautiful x

Jane Royston said...

Wow! I already loved dragonflies but this is totally stunning. Great textures and love the colours x

Anonymous said...

WOW! This dragon fly is amazing! All my teammates at totally agree with me that it is so amazing. Crackle add some more ascents. I'm totally amazed! My applause to the author!

Unknown said...

Brilliant. Thank you so much xx

Unknown said...

Brilliant. Thank you so much xx

Unknown said...

Oh my gracious sakes.... I'm AWE STRUCK, GOOGLE EYED, and filled with JOYOUS DELIGHT at the sight of your FABULOUSLY RICH and RITZY SHIMMERING GLITZY dragonfly. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE. Seriously one of the most beautiful EVER seen by my eyes - that's for sure. DEE - DEE - DEE - it's OVER THE MOON INCREDIBLE. Wow. j.

crazy4atc said...

Wow,so beautiful!

butterfly said...

Tantalising gleaming colours for the eyes, gorgeous textures for the fingers, and endless inspiration for the imagination - wonderful!
Alison x