Monday, 24 July 2017

Love Inspiration...... Journal page by Debs

Hi Everyone, 

This piece started life as a mop up page

The original intension was to clean off some stencils that i seemed to have had loads of paste one and was planning on just wiping my stencils on the page  - My black journal was handy at the time.
The messy background was the first layer achieved by wiping the stencil/mask that had some left over paste on it directly onto the page.
 With the intention of just using the texture under paints or sprays.
   I seemed to use more paste than usual and as I started to use more stencils i seemed to have paste left over on the mask each time and just passed it back through the stencil onto the page.  The more i added bits the more i liked it and when it had all dried i added some white lines around the outside.

I was going to take this photo outside to ensure that the whiteness stood out, however we had quite a bit of rain here this afternoon and this evening, so it was taken indoors and the photo has taken on a sepia feel!
Masks used The Artistic Stamper Words mask 6x6
Modelling paste

Happy Crafting


Annie said...

Awesome! I love when art comes from our waste or our testings. Always be on the look out! :-)

Notations of a Crafter said...

Thanks Annie, i know exactly what you mean :)