Wednesday, 13 February 2019

A Valentine's Gift Angie Coomber

A Valentine's Gift Box

I kept some little kraft boxes from Christmas (they had lovely jewellery in them!) and decided I would alter one and give it a new lease of life as a Valentine's gift box.

I got my tin of "junk" (broken jewellery, watch parts, bits of wood, embellishments, lace - you know the kind of stuff I mean!) and experimented with the layout of various bits and pieces on the box lid until I was happy (it might be useful to take a photo at this point!).

First I added some texture paste through a stencil, then glued all of the embellishments to the box with thick gel medium, filling in some of the gaps with micro beads. Once this was reasonably dry I painted over everything with white gesso.

Next I picked 3 colours (a burgundy red, orange and turquoise, one of my favourite colour combos) and painted the whole thing.

I added dabs of gel medium and embossing powder, then used a heat gun. I also applied some gold wax with my finger to highlight some areas. Lastly I added some random script and star stamping, and of course a word sticker.

Now what shall I put in it...?

Hope you like it.
Until next time,
hugs from Angie x

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