Friday, 16 December 2016

Pocket Christmas Planner by Gemma

I like to be organized at Christmas and admit that I have many lists on the laptop. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me when I am out and about so I made this little folder that I can easily put in my bag.

The inside was constructed using a couple of envelopes and a card blank. I glued the flaps of two envelopes to the sides of a card blank and then cut a third envelope in half to make pockets on the inside. Then I folded in half a sheet of Kraft card and trimmed it down to make a cover.

To decorate I pulled a few prints from my Gelli plate using different background stamps. Which I cut down and glued in place leaving myself lots of places to slide in my gift lists and to do lists.

To decorate the cover I cut a tree shape from one of the Gelli prints and ripped a piece of white pearl paper for my snowy hills. Before glueing them to the cover I painted the whole thing blue and stamped over the top with blue distress ink.

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Krisha said...

What a great idea, wish you had posted this a couple weeks ago, before I was out stumbling around, digging in my purse for lists and loosing, or misplacing receipts .....LOL! I am going to make one of these now and put 2017 on the front, and pray I can find it next year.
Thanks for sharing a great project and a very useful idea......LOVE IT!!