Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Pigeon and the Statue!!

Hi there all you Artistic Stamper Fans!!..Well the snow has gone...hopefully never to return, and it looks like spring is finally here...well there are reassuring signs when I look out of my kitchen window and see the sure signs of my plants starting to spring to life...yaaaaay!!.
Sooooo....for my first card for this months challenge, which is "Birds and Bees", I thought I would make a card that would hopefully put a little smile to your face.... made me kinda chuckle when I got the idea....or maybe I'm just a bit nuts!! lol,...anyway, when I saw the statues from the ARCHITECTURE stamp set, it reminded me of every statue you ever see....full of pigeon poop!!!...
The background was super easy, I was messing around with some watercolour paints and had plenty still left on my craft mat, so I picked it up with the polystyrene base that you get from supermarket pizzas and just dabbed it on some card..
I then stamped one of the statues, cut it out and added some white paint drips on the head and shoulders..
I then stuck it on my card, added a column which is taken from the same fabulous stamp set, then I stamped out the little birds from the FREE AS A BIRD stamp set, cut them out and added them to the statue. The quote is computer generated... I think it is very apt!!!!
I look forward to seeing all your entries in our April "Birds and Bees" challenge.

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sally said...

Ha ha, yep, those statues are always covered! Good luck with Spring because it's not happening in Scotland yet.....