Thursday 29 March 2018

Star Card By Gemma

 I love this card and tag, it combines everything I like, stamping, stenciling, Distress Inks, Stars and using Gesso to mask/ push back areas.


 1- Pick three colours of Distress Ink, Spread each colour on a mat separately and spray with water, press the card stock into the ink. Dry each colour before adding the next.

2- Using the same colours of ink stamp different sized star stamps over the card. 
3- Using a star stamp add a couple of dark brown or black stars. 

4- Using a star mask and a white pen draw in stars.
5- Paint over the rest of the piece of card with a thin layer of Gesso carefully painting around the stars that have drawn in with the white pen.

6- Doodle around the edge of the card and the stars with a black pen and glue to a card blank.
7- Draw and cut a star from the leftover card, stamp a word onto the star and glue it to the card over a strip of black cardstock and inked paper. 

xx Gemma xx

1 comment:

Jane Elizabeth France said...

Great technique gemma.. Will definitely be trying this out!!x