Sunday, 22 September 2013

Titbelsoeur's cabinet of curiosities

Salut les patouilleuses, c'est Titbelsoeur aux manettes !

I am happy to show you today my big work of the year. Let me first explain the story of this piece. have a seat, take a breath, a warm drink (almost Autumn here, isn't it ?) and let's start !
With 4 messing-up-friends of mine, I have been leading a French forum for about 2 years. In 2013, we have made a series of tutorials to show them how to make a lot of thingamabobs, thingamajigs and other thingummies but never telling them what they would do with... 
They played the game with passion and made more and more creative thingummies.
And now the time has come that we show them what to do with : the intent was to help them make a cabinet of curiosities by themselves, with recycled items only.

Here is how I decorated mine :
first I sprayed diluted Distress ink on kraft paper, and when dried I stamped the image, hid it with a cut out of the same stamped image and stamped the others as a background.

the stamps I used are :
ground floor left : Men’s Plate 001 and Numerical plate
center :  Collage lady Elements
right : Gibson Girls 002Time and Keys and   Numerical plate

1st floor left :  A Stitch in Time and Dressmaking  No. 1
center :Large Bingo Card and  The Open Road 1
right :  Collage Man

attic : Family Values

and here is my happy-messy (literal translation) cabinet, filled with my thingamabobs, thingamajigs and other thingummies (love these words ;-) :

I have already showed you some of the thingamajigs here or there.

Sooo girls and maybe boys, I hope you like my project,

thanks for stopping by, 

I am looking forward to reading your comments! 

A la prochaine !


Sid said...

This is such a rich array of 'jigs & 'ummies. Love it !

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love it, it's completely gorgeous.

Redanne said...

Wow, I would call this a labour of love, it is truly stunning!

Stempeln und mehr - Evelyns bunte Welt said...

Oh, how nice is that! So many little things to look at! Most I love that tiny candle on the cork.

butterfly said...

How fantastic to have a project like this bubbling away for all that time, and then revealed with all those amazing thingmabobs, thingamajigs and thingummies inside it! Your stamped backgrounds are beautiful too - altogether a wonderful creation - bravo!!
Alison x

Artyjen said...

What a great well put together.
xoxo Sioux

Monique said...

What a beautiful project! Gorgeous stamped backgrounds!
xx Monique

Dominike said...

Complètement délire notre Mimi. C'est beau !

Astrid Maclean said...

Don't know how I missed this, totally LOVE this project Tit, it looks fantastic!! So many fun details!