Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hello! canvas by Debs

Hi All

Hope you are all having fun with this months challenge, as canvas is a type of fabric (well sort of)  I decided to use the new stamps just released from The Artistic Stamper.

I took  a canvas and drew a face on it with a pencil, i didn't worry about shaping the face or adding hair just eyes, nose and a mouth.

 Out came the Dylusions paints and using my finger added Squeezed Orange and Bubblegum Pink to the canvas

cover the whole canvas adding some light bits of Squeezed Orange across the facial area.

Then I added a touch more Bubblegum Pink and some Vibrant Turquoise, especially around the edges

Then covered it all with a light coat of White Linen to knock it bad a bit and soften it down, as Dylusions paints are translucent its will always pick up the colour underneath it.  I added some black to outline the eyes and a bit around the nose but try and make this a tad lighter and outlined the lips in Pink

 Added some blue and white to the eyes now we have the face appearing 

Next I stamped the new Lesleys Flowers (these are the same flowers as we had on the stencils and the plate comes with both outline and block filled flowers I used the outline one and stamped around the face

I also stamped one of the bees from the new Honeycomb and bees plate  the detail on these Bees is quite stunning i have used the smaller bee and stuck it to the canvas.

Then i started to paint all of the flowers and leaves white

As you can see from this one the white paint has picked up the colour from underneath.  At this point i decided that it needed another dimension 

I painted some white tissue with some white linen paint and once dried stamped some more of the flowers on 

with these flowers i mixed some white with a touch of pink to give a subtle hue and added some orange and a bit of yellow to the centre and cut them out 

Stuck them onto the canvas adding some colour to the original flowers and painting over the eyes with a touch of white to lighten them stamped a couple of the smaller flowers and painted them light pink using a similar mix as before.  I also added a touch of white to the mouth.

I then took out a tiny blob of orange (sorry the photo is a bit blurred but its quite hard taking a photo of your right hand with your left lol)  and then used this blob to ink up the honeycomb stamp and stamped it onto a piece of card and did the same thing in pink although I forgot to take of photo

To finish i stamped hello from the Journaling Words 4 plate in black Archival ink and cut it down. I  also painted another piece of card in the turquoise and cut it to be a little larger than the honeycomb piece and stuck it underneath.  Then placed this onto the canvas.

Sorry about the lengthy step out. 
As always we really do look forward to viewing your creations so do keep them coming and we also appreciate any comments good or bad you may have on our projects so do let us know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by


Sara Barker said...

Beautiful canvas, Debs! Love those daisies and your facial elements are fabulous!

Joi at RR said...

You know me Debs - anything on canvas thrills me!!! Sooooooooo... this is just SUPER FINE to me. Thanks bunches for the great step by step. Just love the way your gal turned out - so fun, bright and WONDERFUL! j.

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Beautiful girl and lovely canvas Debs!