Sunday 29 November 2015

Note Book By Gemma

Hi Everyone

 I covered a plain mini note book (7.5x10.5 CM), with fabric that I painted using stamps and Dylusions paints.

I used a sheet of adhesive backed fabric and scraped Dylusions, squeezed orange, fresh lime and vibrant turquoise paint  over the top in places using a card. I really tried to scrub and push the paint into the weave, so you could still see the weave through the paint.

Then using all the same colours of paint I stamped the square wire stamp, stamping both vertically and horizontally.

I then stamped over the top with calligraphy mat 11 using white dylusion paint.

I then stamped over the top, two different butterflies from the butterflies #2 plate, some of them did not stamp completely so I sketched over them with a black paint pen.

I cut the pages from the note book with a craft knife. Then recovered the cover by removing the backing from the self adhesive fabric, smoothed it in place on the front and then tucking it around  the sides, before I re-glued  the pages in place.

Thank you for reading
Gemma (InkyKitty)

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