Saturday 26 December 2015

My Favourite Projects in 2015 - by Shilpa

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of You!!

Artistic stamper design team is sharing their favourite projects of this year.
And here are my Top 5

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Thank you so much for your love,support and encouraging comments for all my posts!

See you Next Year!


Unknown said...

The dragonfly is my favorite Shilpa - just because I LOVE dragonflies and yours is so perfect flying over all those bright happy colors!!!! My second fav is the old car - what fun that one is and there is soooo much to see - it's really a lovely creation top to bottom. It was so fun to see ALL of these - thank you for sharing so much eye candy. j.

Gerrina said...

Wow, each of them so appealling! Great choice!

fyrefly said...

I love all of your work Shilpa because it's so different. The colours are vibrant and the ideas are clever.
I love the dragonfly purely because I like nature based craft work, but all the others are great !

Happy New Year