Wednesday 16 December 2015

Slight Quirky Christmas Card by Gemma

Hi Everyone

I do not as a whole enjoy making Christmas cards. I think my attention wanders due to the sheer number you are expected to make. Saying that I really enjoyed the messiness of this card, and the fact that it is quite non traditional, or as the other half said with a frown "that's a bit quirky" (opps! I don't think he likes this years card, but I do xxx).

It was one of those pieces where part way through, you think of putting it in the bin, but by the end you love it, its so easy to reproduce and think of all the things you could put in the light bulb (which is why it is one of my favourite stamps)
To start I stamped and cut out a mask of the large light bulb stamp, which I held down onto the card and scraped crushed grape and vibrant turquoise dylusions paint over the top.

Keeping the mask in place I stamped both the Grid and Harlequin Background stamps in the same colour paints. Then I removed the mask, and stamped the light bulb. Then I painted it with a titan buff acrylic paint. I also added a little titan buff to the background with the edge of a card.

I stamped Merry Christmas using the decay alphabet , which I went over with both black and white paint pens. I also stamped a little holly stamp in the light bulb and around the edges of the card. To finished I drew around the light bulb with the black paint pen and added some white in places with the white paint pen.

Thank you for reading
Gemma (InkyKitty)

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