Friday, 29 June 2018

Mini Blue Book By Gemma

I have a fun little mini book to share with you all today. This is a simple little project that is not material heavy.  All I needed for this project was white card, Distress Inks, and the Artifacts secret key stamp. 

What I did 😀

I cut the white card down to 3x2 inch rectangles for my pages and folded these in half. I then pushed them into Distress ink that I had spread onto my glass mat and sprayed with water. 

Once dry I edged all the pages with more ink and then stamped along one side of each page. The stamp in a long one so I made sure to stamp different sections onto the pages. I then glued the pages back to back to form the book/signature.

When cutting the card for the cover, I cut the card a little larger than the pages and with a spine section in the middle. I then inked the cover following the same process as the pages, except for when it came to stamping. This time I stamped in a contrasting coloured ink and I stamped along the spine, I also added some more stamping using black ink. After gluing the pages into the book I cut a small band to hold the book closed and add interest. 

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XX Gemma XX

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