Saturday 19 December 2015

Titbelsoeur : my top 3 for 2015

Hello happy crafters !
This is now the 3rd year that I do this exercise, and it is always a big pleasure. It is also a good opportunity to warmly thank Jennie for her kindness and the fabulous stamps she provides !

On top 3, I chose the 1920's sardine can you can see @ Titbelsoeur, yes YOU can !


My top 2 being my no-stamp tags (tutorial inside) @ No stamp for this project ! By Titbelsoeur

tagtag tag

And my preference goes to my greeting cards (tutorial too) @ We wish you a merry Christmas by Titbelsoeur

Again, I have been so pleased to spend this year with you, and I hope there will be many others like it ! 

Enjoy this year-end time, have a lot of fun and celebrate !

And like always :

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Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Beautiful array of creations !!I love them all too. said...

Love all these the colours are inspirational. x